John has been on his spiritual journey since childhood. Following his inner voice along the way.

He has meet with many teachers, paths and lessons. He is a Healer, Massage Therapist, Certified Re birther, Meditator, and Amanae Teacher, Trainer and Practitioner. Along the way he has sat with Krishnamurti, Byron Katie, Eckardt Tolle, Adyashanti, Tony Parsons to name but a few.

 He has taken classes in Access Energy work, Ho'opono'pono, Rebirthing, Breathework. Along with his 24 years with Amanae,  Freedom, Happiness and Peace are the lights the lead him forward in his unfolding.

He is a student of human nature, always exploring the things that bring us together and the blocks that separate us in the human condition. We are truly Spiritual Beings temporarily having this human experience. Like the Buddha, he is is interested in the end of suffering. 

He is a licensed Minister and performs Weddings as well as using his abilities in his Bay Area Real Estate business helping people find the right homes to nurture their outer beings along with their inner ones.