John Marshall has been following his inner guides along his spiritual journey since childhood. As far back as I can remember, that inner voice has always been guiding me.

It has lead me to some beautiful places, teachers and guides. It led me to Amanae in 1994 and I jumped in blind and fearless and it lead me back to myself. This work combines Breath work, Energy work and Deep tissue work in a way that is powerful, amazing and trans-formative. This process is very helpful if you are in Therapy as it helps access some of the hidden traumas that lie dormant in our bodies.

I am a teacher and trainer for Amanae and also see clients for private sessions and one on one counseling. I am a spiritual coach and counselor, I am a trained re-birther, Access energy worker, Ho'opono'pono, Tarot reader,Intuitive, licensed minister and marriage officiant.